GPMC – Group Policy Management Console for .NET 2.0 and Windows x64

Received wisdom has it that GPMC won’t work on x64 and won’t work unless .NET 1.0 or 1.1 is installed. All basically true, except as far as I can see it’s only a restriction in the installer.

Darren Mar-Elia pointed out that it’s possible to use Orca from the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit to hack the msi file and remove the .NET 1.0/1.1 checks. I didn’t want to spend ages getting the whole SDK, but found a recent copy of the orca.msi on mitchb’s Technipages.

I went a bit cleverer (I hope) than Darren and instead of ripping out the .NET framework checks, I extended them to check for and permit the v2.0 framework.

I’ve built a knobbled version called gpmc.net2.msi. It has the benefit that it installs and seems to run OK on Windows Server 2003 x64. The only gotcha I’ve found so far is that it expects to find gpedit.msc in the same directory as itself, but it gets pushed into the %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64 whereas gpedit.msc is in %SystemRoot$\System32. I just copied the one from System32 to SysWOW64 and all seems to be fine and dandy.

Obviously – use at your own risk. If it formats your hard drive, don’t come running to me…

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