Kerberos, SetSPN, LDIFDE, Windows Authentication, App Pool Identities – Aaarrgghhh!

Well, the title says it all really.


First of all, top marks to Tristan Kington and this Blog du Tristank. It really is the only place I’ve seen clear prescriptive advice on this topic.


My tuppence worth is I’ve taken Tristan’s work a tiny step further with this neat little batch file which finds any duplicate spns on your Active Directory Domain:

@echo off
rem findspns.cmd, Alasdair Cunningham-Smith, ACS Solutions Limited
set SPN=%1
if "%SPN%"=="" (
	set /p SPN=Please enter the SPN or part thereof to search for 
if "%SPN%"=="" (
	goto :again
ldifde -f CON: -s "%LOGONSERVER:\=%" -t 3268 -r "(ServicePrincipalName=*%SPN%*)" -l ServicePrincipalName
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