Oh Woe! The new Shuttle SH67H3 doesn’t do virtualisation

I’ve moved across the divide – now I find it hard to imagine just installing an OS on a machine and getting on and using it. There has to be virtualisation, because it offers hardware independence and therefore portability.

For over three years I’ve been using a Shuttle SD39P2 with one of the first quad-core CPUs (an Intel Q6600) and 8GB RAM as my developer rig, and it’s great. So imagine how surprised, disconcerted and then irritated I have become to discover that even though we waited months for the new Shuttle with Sandy Bridge support to arrive, along with Intel i7 2600 CPU, 16GB RAM & Crucial C300 SSD, it turns out the Shuttle’s BIOS doesn’t enable the Intel Virtualisation Technology (VT-x) present in the CPU, so my cunning plan is all to nought. There’s no doubt it’s a great little box, but I’ve just going to have to install Windows on it natively and forego the hardware independence. Ah well…

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5 Responses to Oh Woe! The new Shuttle SH67H3 doesn’t do virtualisation

  1. cinlortech says:

    Good news, Shuttle is updating the BIOS to support VTx. It will be in the next BIOS revision v. 106, should be out soon.

    • alasdaircs says:

      Yes – I didn’t expect a response, but when I complained to Shuttle, this was their reply:

      Dear Sir/Madam

      Thank you choosing Shuttle.

      Regarding your concern about SH67H3 issue, about your question, we will arrange release New bios fix this issue, please wait.

      Thank you very much.

      Best Regards,
      Shuttle Inc.
      Technical Support

      So, I think that’s a win for the SH67H3, but we’ve had to move on, so we’ve gone for a regular build of Windows 7 x64 without any virtual nonsense for now. Still, it’ll make a great mini-server once its virtualisation capabilities are exposed by the BIOS update.

  2. Yup says:

    I’ve a shuttle SH67H3 and at cold boot dont detect my corsar f60 ssd. On warm boot it is alwais ok. I think there is something wrong in sata detection…or incompatibility with sandforce ssd chip.
    I’ve upadate the bios to 106 but nothing.
    I have changed the ssd drive, it has last firmware, but nothing changed…and the ssd drive on other pc is ok.

  3. Yup says:

    Already test on all ports ;(
    I have tryed to increase the voltage of the south bridge…It seems to improve but does not solve the problem…
    Someone told me that the sandforce chip need voltage and on boot the h67 sucks a lot of power. In fact with ctrl+alt+canc it always works.
    I have thugh to buy intel ssd because more stable to replace the corsair but I would not throw away more money.
    I can not undersand if are ssd’s or motherboard’s problem.

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