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Sandy Bridge + UEFI + Windows 7 x64 SP1 – CMOS Settings = Won’t Boot

Part 1 – The sad story Chris and I went to a client’s site today to do some requirements capture – thank goodness it wasn’t a demo. We both have Shuttle PCs which I love, and we just ask the … Continue reading

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Granting directory permissions to a Website using “IIS APPPOOL”

Say you have a “logs” directory inside the folder for your website, and you want to grant permissions so that your .NET code can write to that folder, e.g. with log4net or the Enterprise Library Logging application block. You can, … Continue reading

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Intel RST and .NET

OK, so today I feel like a bit of a chump. I’ve been building a new backup server. which I hope to write up in its own right, but I spend literally hours of this particular issue, so I thought … Continue reading

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