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Connecting to Hyper-V 2012 Servers from Windows 10

In the past I’ve used John Howard‘s hvremote script to diagnose and fix these problems, but since I got Windows 10, I have been unable to connect to my Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V host. This fix is both simple and … Continue reading

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Azure VM Agent breaks your server

If you new up a VM in Azure, the integration components and VM Agent  are already installed, and they work fine. If, however, you prepare a machine in Hyper-V and upload the VHD, you need to install the Integration Components … Continue reading

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New Laptop: Windows 8 Hyper-V Platform breaks OEM Pre-activation

I have been looking forward to getting a new laptop for some time. I dithered over whether to get a Microsoft Surface, but decided that ACS Solutions is basically a development shop, and I need more power. The surface RT … Continue reading

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KB2817468 causes Outlook 2013 to crash when viewing Domain Secured emails (TLS Mutual Auth – “Green tick”)

We use Domain-Secured Emails to clients companies – a.k.a Mutual Auth TLS. It gives you a green tick mark next to the email in Outlook in list view: And in the email itself: Which, when clicked, shows you this: However, … Continue reading

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SQL Server – How big are my tables?

Code Snippet create table #t (     name sysname primary key clustered,     rows bigint,     reserved sysname,     data sysname,     index_size sysname,     unused sysname ); exec sp_MSforeachtable 'insert into #t exec sp_spaceused ''?'''; select     name,     rows,     convert( bigint, replace( reserved, ' kb', '' … Continue reading

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unix has a which command to tell you the path of the executable file which is first found on the path and which will get executed when you type the command without an explicit path. The simplest use can be … Continue reading

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Windows 2003 is old hat

In Windows 2008+, setting a different SSL certificates for each IP:Port binding is point and click, so for an exchange server where the internal and external names (and therefore required certificates) differ: It is easy to select the correct certificate … Continue reading

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